Thursday, January 7, 2010

Copier Dealers "How to Increase Your Success"

Tired of selling Digital Copiers, tired of the competition and pricing pressures that comes with it.

Look no further! I'm gonna tell you that if you're not selling color wide format multifunctional systems or wide format color scanners, then you're missing a whole lotta sales!

In the last two years after hooking up with Paradigm Imaging in Costa Mesa, CA., I've been able to place several wide format color scanners, several wide format color printers and a little over a handful of the color wide format multifunctional systems.

Look around, check your competition and I'll be dollars to doughnuts there's not that many dealers or companies that carry these products. It's not because they don't work well, nor because their is a ton of support, more like it's one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Take another look around and see how many dealers are selling copiers in your area, quite a few right, so why not take a page from Captain Kirk's famous Kobayashi Maru test and change the programing, or better yet change your tactics. When cold calling focus on the AEC market place, most owners will be engaging because you're not just another copier guy. Hey, if you can sell and support multifunctional copiers, you can sell and support wide format color products.

What I love about Paradigm Imaging is the level of support, they actually helped me with my first few installations! Even when I had to make a few calls about why is this doing it this way or way won't this work that way, there was someone on the phone to support me.

From what I've seen over the years from cold calling is that companies that have wide format plotters or scanners wish they had local support and not someone coming from 60 or 100 miles away. Just think today a wide format scanner, and tomorrow they buy 5 mfp's from you. You know the saying "last sale get the first sale", actually just made that one up. But, I've seen it, sold em a plotter and three months later I got a call about quoting on the mfp.

Besides having almost no competition in the market place the EIS Supra is a Color Multifunctional Wide Format system that will Scan, Print & Copy in color! Margins are good and the competition is minimal at best.

Be different, be bold, and offer something that everyone else is not offering! Psst, Direct Branches have nothing like this, get my drift!!!!!!

-=Good Selling=-

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