Thursday, January 21, 2010

Re-Birth of the HP Edgeline??

Picked this up the other day from a member on the Print4Pay Hotel. Seems Memjet is still hard at work and they may have a partner!

Remember the hype about the HP Edgeline? Well, the Edgeline flopped, rumors stated that the entire Edgeline team was laid off and future support and R & D was moved to Singapore.

Here's what a P4P member posted on the forums:

Memjet, which is working to develop a color inkjet MFP, is rumored to be working with Hewlett Packard. (would this technology replace the Edgeline?) Potential launch of new high speed product in 2011.

Memjet "Who's Afraid of Memjet?"

HP Edgeline "What Went Wrong"

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