Monday, January 25, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Copier Demo!

A few months ago I was driving to South Jersey for an appointment, hence I started to think about all of the copier demo's I did in the old days and some of the funniest things that happened with either the demo and or an appointment.

With that I thought, let me put this out to the Print4Pay Hotel Members and see what they came up with! Well, our Print4Pay Members came up with some awesome content. Hence a collection of Great Copier Humor!

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Copier Demo!

A customer was demo'ing a canon color copier with fiery in their office. I stopped by on the second day to check to see how everything was going. The office manager asked me if there was any way that images or pictures would just randomly print off the hard drive of the system. Apparently, some very explicit images had been printed on the copier right before I got there. Rightfully so she was absolutely furious. I explained that the pictures had to have been printed by someone in the office. We checked the print log on the system and sure enough she was able to identify the culprit. I ended up closing the deal and the same office manager admitted to me that she loved the image quality on the system, even the explicit pictures looked great!

from kdbyrum in Myrtle Beach

Rep: What's your copier volume?

Client: Well, uh, everyone in the office uses it.

from JW in LA

I customer once called me to ask for the "White Toner" for their copier.

I told them that their copier only had black toner, but they wanted white toner to print on black construction paper.

from JasonR in Tennessee

In downtown Princeton, NJ (right across the street from Princeton University). Had just demo'd a small Adler Royal 209 (boy was that unit a piece of garbage). Well, rolled the copier gurney into the back of the car. Pulled out and into traffic, stopped at the light, and being young and foolish, I gunned the gas pedal with the green light. The car went forward the copier gurney and copier wne backwards and landed on the street, seems like I forgot to close the hatch!!

from AP in NJ

Had a demo years ago on a fax machine. Had a big wheel from corporate wanting to do a ride along with a rep for the day. Customer wanted to see quality and asked one of their customers to send a test fax. As all the admin complained about the speed, the corp guy explained that a very detailed fax would take more time because of memory issues. As everyone crowded around the fax to inspect, a very vivid porn image was reproduced with striking detail. We made the sale!

from BillW in NJ

Several years back we had a demo in a pastor's home office for a couple of days when he called in because the machine was misfeeding. We had been selling him on the reliability of this model, so he wasn't very pleased with the performance. When our technician went out he opened the side of the copier and found that one of the Pastor's kids poured cornflakes into the copier. We got it cleaned up and he bought the demo.

from Btrammell in Salem, OR

I had an appointment with a drug rehab medical center. I asked her how many users she had....oops. She said marijuana or cocaine? I still don't know if she was kidding or not. They didn't buy anything from me. They renewed their lease and paid on the used machine for 2 more years that I know of. And thought it was a very good decision. Perhaps they were users. Did that ruin the story?

Berniedsc in Cincinnati, Ohio

I received a telephone help call from one of our clients who had a malfunction code on their new copier. To clear these malfunction codes it’s usually a case of opening the front door for a few seconds and then closing it again. I asked the client to do this and then come back to the telephone. He returned a few moments later and asked “now what”? I asked what happened when he opened and shut the front door, did it clear the code?, “no’ was the reply, “it just got colder in here” He’d opened and closed his main office front door!
It takes allsorts…….

from Taminol in London, England

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