Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oki Launches KILLER proColor pro510DW web printer!!

Every now and then I'll get captivated by a "new" product or some "new" design from our industry.

Today, one of my "go to" print production guru's turned me on to Oki's proColor pro510DW color web press. At first glance and seeing an MRSP of $36,200, well I pretty much passed it up and continued with some additional items that needed to be done with the Print4Pay Hotel site.

Just a few minutes ago, I took the time to read the press release and then downloaded the brochure . Egads, this system has a roll feeder, personally this is the first time I've ever seen a roll feeder on a color LED printer of this size, plus this is an awesome concept. Color custom labels are one of the hottest items for marketing.

The system is capable of cut sheet or roll media up to 12.9" widths, plus it will print on industry-standard converted or non-converted face stocks, paper, synthetic and adhesive-backed substrates. With sequential or variable data personalization. Whoa! Awesome, just wish I had a few of these to sell now! You want a "Print Shop on Box", take a trip to Oki and see for yourself.

Over the years, I've seen my fair share of laser printer, laser copiers that print in color, however I had the opportunity sell the OKI color engines and I believe for the price, you can't get a better quality print on the low end of print production from any other device. The quality and the thickness of stock that the system accepts will blow you away!

Yup, enough for me Oki's not paying me for this, however Kudos to Oki for creative thinking and creating a niche market where they can flourish. Seems most of the Japanese manufacturers and Xerox have moved away from graphics color with their laser printers. Kudos to OKI!!

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