Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Week in Ricoh "TWIR Notes"

Gathered from Print4Pay Hotel Members from around the world and a few moles in very good places!

Apparently Ricoh’s Regional Vice President, in charge of wholesale in the Midwest, Chuck Parr, has left the company.

Promos that Ricoh is apparently offering through its branches in the 3rd quarter of 2008
- Zero % finance leases
- Reps can waive up to 6 months of remaining payments of existing customers’ lease.
- C900 program of $0.05 for color clicks and $0.0055 for b/w clicks

Ricoh announced that it will recycle copiers in Japan, England and Ireland.

- Each machine is stripped down to chassis
- Replace all lifetime parts
- Fit all mods and firmware updates
- Respray external panels
- Are priced 25% less than equivalent new models
- Have either “RC” or “R” in the model name to denote that they were used copiers that were recycled

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