Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RISO ComColor is a "Rising Star"

I was up at 4AM today to take a 3 hour ride to Corporate in the pouring rain today! Most times I would dread the ride, especially since sleeping the night before is impossible when you know you've gotta be up so early! However this ride was a little easier to take since I would be taking a look at the new Riso ComCOLOR devices! WHOA!!

When I first heard about this product I was not impressed and thought there's no need for a system like the comCOLOR.
A few months ago, I took some weekend time to learn more about the RISO comColor devices, such as speeds, feeds, technology, quality and what it can and can't do.
About three weeks ago, I had an appointment for an existing account, while I was with the account, they explained that they have a direct mail business and were having problems with a current Pitney Bowes mail system and their current printers the WP50's were slow and they needed to ramp up mailings. I probed and probed as much as I could about how they print, what they print, how many and uncovered the problems. While doing this I uncovered the fact that this client was purchasing 250,000 pre printed color envelopes per month and was paying around .13 cents per envelope. Ah, yes the wheels started to turn, the brain started to smoke, and there it was, a solution that would save the customer thousands of dollars per month!!!!

I want to keep this short, however the customer also wanted to make some other changes like adding spot color, and or full color when needed, but most of the time black was going to be the ticket. But they needed speed!!!

ComColor to the rescue!!

The solution was to add two comcolor devices that will print in black or full color at 120 pages per minute (they can also print in tandem at 240ppm), capable of variable data, and capable of handling the print stream from the PB mail server. The cost per page for black was .0056 and the cost for full color was .026 (consumables). But the savings, where was the client going to save?? We suggested pressure seal paper for those not familiar with pressure seal paper go here. With maximum discount we were able to price of pressure seal paper at .03 per sheet (legal), and then suggested that one panel be used for the outbound postal indicia and the another panel for the inbound postal indicia. The other panels would be used to print the data and the message for the direct mailer. Did you see the savings yet? The customer was able to stop buying a quarter of a million envelopes per month to the tune of $32,500 per month!!!

The end result is the customer could do every mailer in full color and still save .07 cents per piece or a cool $17,500 per month and have his investment paid off in 6-8 months!!!

What's the moral of this story, do your research on products, keep your eyes and ears open, and you'll find cool solutions like this that will help drive business.

BTW, the client loved the quality for his direct mailers!! Every direct mail company should have one of these!

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Anonymous said...

This is the new financially and eco-responsible printer of the future

Fred Milkens - Telent Printing said...

Copier technology is on the way out. To slow, high operating cost and bad maintenance record. Inkjet will be the future.