Monday, October 12, 2009

Sammy "Going After the Big Dogs"

Samsung, or as I refer to as "Sammy", talk has it that they will be coming to market with some A3 devices somewhere down the road. Talk, also has it that they would like to be a full line OEM with the likes of Ricoh, Canon, KonicaMinolta, and Xerox.

Fact, besides Sharp, none of the above manufacturers have yet come to market with thier own (OEM) A4 device as of this time. Yes, there are some rumors that Ricoh or Toshiba will come to market, but as of right now, nada!

When I talk about A4 devices, it's not the inexpensive machines from Oki, Panasonic or HP, but the more robust units such as the HP M5035, the Samsung 6545, the Sharp Frontier Series, these are substantial units that are capable of handling 20,000 pages each and every month for 60 months. The players thus far are Xerox (OEM Samsung), Muratec (OEM Samsung), Sharp (OEM), Samsung (OEM)

I still can't fathom that the likes of Canon, Ricoh, and KonicaMinolta have stood by the side lines during the A4 transition. My, how many placements have they lost to these A4 devices, five thousand, ten thousand?

So far, none of these manufacturers have taken my advise, and that is to develop and A4 device to compete with the cpc of A3 devices, meaning the toner cost per page would be in the area of .0028-.004. What the heck are they waiting for? The time is right!

My father in-law quotes this all the time, "what do expect from a pig but a grunt"

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Todd said...

Ricoh was to have their 1st A4 device out at the end of 2009, but have had issues with the new software platform and has pushed the roll-out back at minimum, 9 more months.