Thursday, October 15, 2009

Copiers Are Misssing "Where Have They Gone"!

Picked this up on "g" alerts today. Seems like the Public Library in Jacksonville, Florida is missing $500,000 dollars of equipment! What's missing you might ask? To start it's 40 computers and 21 copiers. Now, I can understand computers that can go missing, misplaced or maybe even tossed out, not that big easy to move, however 21 copiers!!!

Here's what they said:

Staff originally listed the value of these at $489,000, but on Wednesday they said it was a mistake and might have been overstated. Many of the items are old, like the computers, and may not be worth anything.

Still they are missing, and no one knows were they are. So they're checking again.

"We also need to go back and make sure those items are not somewhere in city government, that they are not in another department," library official Stacy Bucher said.

If you ask me,they were probably sold at auction for a few dollars, or they have a terrible way of processing their information.

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