Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Toshiba eXCHANGE "The Empire Strikes Back"

Awhile ago I posted a blog titled "Toshiba Exchange & 5 Reasons it Will Fail". It seems after two months someone from Toshiba finally got around to reading the blog (a real bunch of web guru's there, huh?).

They also posted as ANON and as my regular readers know, I don't post replies from ANON's usually it's mean, dispirited and full of jealousy.

So, in the reply they stated since September of 09 till now they have logged 2,200 members. In my blog, I assumed they would have 2,000 members across the country, with half of them signing up in the first 30 days or so. Toshiba reports 2,200 members now signed up, I would assume from the amount of members that Toshiba has more like 4,000 to 5,000 "Toshiba People". Hell, they'll probably never tell me! They also reported in the two months that they have had 68,0o0page views in almost two months. Well that's expected, something new......30 page views (which is not alot, since there are probably a few members with a BOAT load of page views, remember the word BOAT here) per "unique member".

I'm glad you have so many members registered with alot of page views, however the one thing you did not comment on is how many "threads" have been posted, how much information is being exchanged, if it helped drive business, if it fixed a problematic machine, and or if it is helping your reps sell more solutions or boxes. A forum or community is only as good as the people who drive the board with information. The non mention of this information tells me your site is a flop and and the fad will wear down quickly. No to mention the tens of thousands that you probably spent to get it running!

There's some great forums out there like Copier Talk, CopyTecNet that really help the masses when it comes to technical issues, the information is always new, the content is real, and there is no censorship. The same is true of the Print4Pay Hotel, however the P4PHotel is geared more towards Dealer Owners, Principals, Sales Managers, Sales People and Marketing. One note about all of these forums is that they are FREE, they are open to all, and they all strive to help everyone!

Here's what I posted at the end of my blog in August:

The truth to the matter is that when you get right down to it, there aren't that many people in one organization that can drive a social site and make it a viable wealth of knowledge. I'm sure it will start off like a bat outta hell, however after the initial launch has come and gone so to will the members.

Now, your comment at the end was kind of was expected and dispirited, but you're hiding behind an ANON tag because you're either jealous or afraid to post who you are.

OH, and by the way aren't you the same TOSHIBA that sold the Soviets advanced Milling Machines in the Eighties? Remember the "Toshiba Submarine Scandal"?

Click here is you don't, or as one good American stated "To this day, no one in my family will buy anything made by Toshiba."

-=Good Selling=-


SalesServiceGuy said...

Feeling a bit harsh today, Art!

Dragging up 20 year old news and quoting a psycho, very small gov't municipal offical.

SalesServiceGuy said...

... but seriously I really enjoy your posts and find them useful.

... from a Toshiba Sales Manager!

Art Post said...


Yup!! Tough day at the office and this ANON made me remember the Toshiba's incident in the 80's. Personally, I never bought a Toshiba product ever and probably never will.

I quoted a psycho? Do you know him personally?


Art Post said...

SalesServiceGuy: You made my day!!!! Thanx for the kudos and the psycho could have been ME! :)