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MFP Weekend Industry Notes 10/23/09

Gathered from Print4Pay Hotel Members from around the world and a few moles in very good places!

A British company introduced the world’s smallest printer. PrintDreams launched a small handheld device, called the PrintBrush, which is moved by hand across a sheet of paper to create an image. It is wireless, and has a small inkjet printing mechanism. To fully image a letter size piece of paper requires moving device back and forth across the page, and from top to bottom.

- In an interview, Canon Vice President, stated that the company “has intentions” of making a move similar to Xerox in regards to the acquisition of computer services provider, ACS.
- “Definitely, it’s time for us to go into this area” said Chng.
- “At the moment it looks like we’re wide open to options” said Lim Kok Hin, Canon Senior Director & GM.

- Computerworld magazine reported that McCormick & Co. had been hit with the Blaster worm (computer network virus) that was being spread by infected desktop network printers. (brand of printers not named). Other worms that may infect unprotected printers are Sasser and Conficker.

- Another patent infringement lawsuit. U.S. Ethernet Innovations LLC, which has acquired the Ethernet technology patent from 3Com Corp., has sued Apple, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, Sony and Toshiba for patent infringement.

- Azerty, a division of United Stationers, announced it has launched “HQueue”, a managed print services program for copier dealers & VARs.

- Xeikon, a division of Punch Graphix of Belgium, announced it has sold a Xeikon 6000 production color system to The Colad Group, a printshop in Buffalo, NY.

- Olympus, which makes high speed color inkjet printers for Riso (ComColor series), is previewing a new product using its own name. The new product (no model# yet), will sell for approximately $400,000, will uses rolls of paper, handle up to 2 million pages per month, and have color click charge of 5 cents for full color. Image quality unknown.

- What are expectations for sales reps selling managed print services?(according to ImageSource magazine)
- 20 voice to voice contacts with C-level decision makers should yield:
- 7 appointments, which should yield
- 4 quick-view print environment evaluations, which should yield
- 2 closed MPS contracts

- GreatAmerica Leasing Corp. announced it now has $1 billion in assets, according to CEO, Tony Golobic.

- GE Capital Leasing announced an 87% drop in earnings.

- Interesting statistics from BEI International about copier service:
- Average number of managed copies/prints per technician is a little over 1 million per month
- Average number of service calls per technician is 66
- Average service call length is 75 minutes
- Average numbers of calls per day, per technician is 3.7
- 4.83% of all copiers working in field are analog
- 60.91% are digital
- only 5.9% are color

- LaserCare Technologies of Los Angeles, CA announced that it has recycled its 300,000th printer cartridge since it started business 20 years ago, according to president, Paul Wilhelm.

- American TonerServ Corp. of Santa Rosa, CA, is a competitor to LaserCare, and its CEO, Chuck Mache, claims the company is selling more than 1,000 cartridges per day.

- Oce’ announced it sold one of its Oce’ VarioPrint 6250 production monochrome systems to Integrated Book Technology of Dulles, Virginia to produce on-demand books.

- Oce’ announced its production print engines will be used by a company which is printing the world’s first individualized newspapers. InterTi GmbH of Berlin, Germany will be launching “niiu”, which will be based on personalized information from end user’s choice of international news sources, blogs and RSS feeds. They will be using the Oce’ JetStream high speed color inkjet system.

- More details on Oce’s financials:
- 9.9% drop in revenue year over year
- Operating loss of 25 million euros
- Eliminated 1170 employees, towards goal of total reduction of 1500
- Incurred 32 million euro restructuring costs (employee severance packages)
- Sold 7 million euros worth of its internal lease portfolio
- Sold some selected real estate holdings
- Color share of revenue fell from 25% to 24% due to customer reluctance
to print in color
- Wide format revenue down 19%

- IDC released statistics on document management:
- Executives spend 45% of their time working on documents
- 610 billion emails are sent each year
- 50% of all emails are printed
- 7.5 billion documents are created in offices each year
- 1 trillion pages are printed each year

- A similar company to XIPPA, is RSource of Boca Raton, FL, run by CEO Larry Reid. He announced that he has just hired former Key Bank executive, Allen Snelling, as President of RSource.
- Sharp announced that it will offer X-Rite’s ColorMunki Design product to allow end users to calibrate their computer monitors and color MFP/printers.

- X-Rite announced that its new CFO is Rajesh Shah, formerly of Cadence Innovation LLC, maker of automotive interiors.

- Scotland Yard detectives are asking retailers in the country to stop selling desktop color laser printers as they are being used to make fake drivers licenses. They claim they have found 30,000 fake cards in the last 18 months that were made on color laser printers.

- Freescale Semiconductor, a spinoff of Motorola, announced it is launching a new processor design to be used in future MFPs. The P1022 will offer:
- Dual core processor with each providing 1GHz of speed, or 2GHz total
- 2GHz revealed 60% faster performance than 1GHz
- Rather than one processor running at 2GHz, two 1GHz is supposedly better due to less power consumption (peak of only 3 watts), and less
heat generation inside the copier
- Designed for color or b/w MFPs running from 30ppm to 50ppm in speed
- Possible buyers are generic print controllers makers including Zoran,
Global Graphics, Pagemark & Peerless.

- A dealer in Minnesota, Marco Inc., announced it has purchased Venture Computer Systems. This expands Marco’s reach into Southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Marco was founded in 1930 as a typewriter dealer. Now it offers IT equipment, MFPs and office furniture with annual sales of $60 million, with CEO, Jeff Gau. Jon Eckhoff was owner of Venture. Purchase price not announced.

- Managed print service software vendor, PrintFleet announced that founder Brian Cosgrove is now Chairman and dCEO, and has hired Chris McFarlane as President.

- According to Synnex CEO, Kevin Murai, 70% of all pages printed never get picked up from the output tray. (note from Art: I'm call BS on this statement)

- Z Corporation announced it is now shipping the ZPrinter 350, which makes a three dimensional object using lasers cutting a white substance at 0.08 inches per hour. The device sells for $29,500.00.

- InkStop, headquartered in Cleveland, and owns a chain of stores that refill printer cartridges, announced that it will close all 152 locations in the U.S. due to impending bankruptcy.

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