Thursday, October 1, 2009

Selling Copiers "A Week in the Life of Copier Sales" Thursday


Today was cold call blitz day! Traveled to the office (which I hate to do) and then sat in on our conference call to get us charged for the day. Today, I was paired with a manufacturer’s representative and our job was to go out and cold call accounts! My territory is about 30 miles from the home office and we arrived at a pre-planned designation by about 10:00AM.

Over the years when I cold called, I was all about handing out brochures, literature just about anything that would burn. This time was different, after speaking with a good friend of mine in Southern Cal; I decided to change it up. Well, it worked!

We hit about 50 places in the span of 5 hours, only got one rude person and let me tell you that's a bonus in New Jersey. We spoke with at least five decision makers and got at least three warm leads where I could call and set an appointment!

So, what did I do that's different? Send me and email and I'll tell you, however you'll also have to be a member or become a member of the Print4Pay Hotel.

-=Good Selling=-

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