Sunday, October 18, 2009

Office Equipment Industry "Final Results"

At the Print4Pay Hotel Forums, we've had this poll running for quite a while. Time to close it down and add a few new ones! ENJOY!

What's the next big development that will shake up and rattle the office equipment industry?

RISO will enter the MFP game and make a splash 10%
Ricoh changes name to Ikon Americas Corporation 11%
Canon really does buy the Toshiba MFP business for distribution 27%
HP buys XEROX 19%
Sharp's A4 products outsell Sharp's A3 products 27%
None of the above 6%

Can0n needs to add distribution, this poll was started before the Canon & HP announcement that they would share some MFP products. I still think Canon has to add distribution. After this recession is over, the office equipment industry will never be the same.

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