Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TWIR "This Week in Ricoh"

IKON’s warehouse in Orange County, Florida, had its roof ripped off and trailers upended during a severe storm last week. 16,792 copiers were exposed to rain.

"Hope they had insurance, and were these lease returns?, OMG what a mess that would be"

IKON, a division of Ricoh, announced that it will now resell Fasoo Solutions.
- IKON VP of Solutions, Dan Nero, made the announcement
- Fasoo based in South Korea
- Provides digital rights management (DRM)
- Uses encryption technology to secure customer’s information

"The first thing I thought of when I read this was Gazoo from the Flintstones, he was the space man with the rather large helmet and the antenna on the top. Mr. Customer we'd like to introduce you to FASOO, kinda has a ring to it eh!

Ricoh launched a new program called “The Total Green Office Solution” claiming it will reduce efficiencies for customers.

- replace current equipment with “Green” equipment from Ricoh that have low emissions
- improve energy efficiency, as new Ricoh MFPs use less energy that old models
- fleet consolidation
- Ricoh’s polymerized toner (called PxP) uses less heat to fuse
- Toner collection and recycling program

"Ya, ya and ya, oh bother another Green Solution and another promise of we'll reduce your carbon footprint, give me a break!"

Ricoh announced new details of its Technoforce network services program:
- Block of Time ($105 per hour)
- Annual Bronze 40 contract with 10 hours per quarter of on-demand remote helpdesk
or field technician for $3800
- Annual Silver 80 contract with 20 hours per quarter remote or field technician for $7200
- Annual Gold 160 contract with 40 hours per quarter remote or field technician for $13,600

Ricoh announced it has made another dealer acquisition.

- Purchased Automated Business Products, a Savin dealer
- Based in Salt Lake City, UT
- Owners were Lee Christensen and Mike Archer, who will stay in charge of the new wholly owned subsidiary and will take over the current Ricoh branch in SLC.- This current ABP was founded in 1999 and has 63 employees- The original ABP was founded by the Archer family and had locations in Utah, Colorado and others, before selling out to IKON.

"Another Ricoh Direct Branch coming to a town near you, now you can benefit buy getting Ricoh equipment for next to nothing"

-=Good Selling=-

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