Friday, July 10, 2009

MFP's, Copiers & Twitter "It's All Good"

Greg from Death of the Copier turned me on to Twitter a few months ago. After reading a tweet from Greg about copiers, I realized with Tweet Deck (a Twitter APP) I could set a search for copiers, and anyone who tweeted about copiers would be distributed to my inbox! Well, I have to tell you, the amount of tweets about copiers is overhelming and most of them are always peeved about their copier! Gee, I wonder why?

Here's few neat tweets that I've read:

Is it sales weasel day? I've had someone come by pushing IP phones, copiers, temp workers and cleaning services...

Hi, welcome to Copiers and Nipple-rings! Let's walk over here and we'll do a before and after copy...

most copiers take up smoking because of stress. Or ecause they see other copiers doing it in movies.

Me either! I can't figure it out. But i can unjam even the stubbornest of copiers, and that's the Lord's truth.

I just found out the copiers have a 2-hole punch option! I think I am in love!!!!

I Hate Copiers

Just set the two copiers up at camp in Malibu to each say "I'm with Stupid" on their screens with arrows pointing at each other. Awesome.

oh. my. god. i hate copiers. well, maybe it just hates me for needing 1500 copies

I am officially going steady with binders and copiers. I don't know, I think they are pretty in to me, we'll see if anything comes of this.

Two out of three copiers in our office are down. It's madness!

So, what type of people of such haters of copiers??

30,tall, married and awesome from Wisconsin

Artist and bird enthusiast Location: Corner Brook, NL

Founders and Lead Developer for Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Artist, Glorified File Clerk, Lover, Long Islander born and bred...
Location: East Northport, NY

Location: The Sticks, Pennsylvania

Web designer and photographer. Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA

So, if copiers have got you down, log onto twitter, you're not alone!!

-=Good Selling=-


Greg Walters said...

I have to tell was just a goofy idea of mine to search out any Tweet regarding copiers.

I laugh my $ss off now ever time I read them...funny as heck.

Art Post said...

I can't think of any other machine that is hated more than the copier, not the office cooler, shredder, calculator, PC, etc..... So bad reps never go away!