Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Samsung "Where's The Beef in the New 6545N?"

Alright, I received the press release on the new "Sammy" Multixpress 6545N. Forty-Five page per minute A4 device, looks identical to the "Sammy" 6345N (also a 45ppm A4 device). So I asked, "Where's the Beef?", why does the 6545N have an MSRP that is $2,000 higher than the 6345N?

A few differences that I found:

6545N has a 100 page Document Feeder compared to the 6345N, the 6545N sports Open Architecture software via XOA while the 6345N has no open architecture. The cost per page is lower on the "Sammy" 6545N, the MSRP for the toner is $99.00 with a yield of 25,000 pages compared to the 6345N that has a cost of $125. Plus the drum on the 6545N is rated at 80K and the 6345N is rated at 60K. Samsung put a new color display on the 6545N, and added some additional options such as a 2 bin sorter and a 4 bin mailbox. That's about all I found going through the specs. Otherwise these systems seems almost identical.

"Where's The Beef?" Are you telling me customers are going to anti up an additional $2,000 for finishing options that are not included? Are customers going to pay $2,000for a color display? Will they lay out an additional $2,000 for Open Architecture.

Now there was something in the press release that caught my attention.

"All copiers are available through Samsung’s BTA Distribution and Dealer channels, which can be located by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG or by visiting www.samsung.com. Samsung Power Partners receive special promotions, lead referrals, training and technical support, as well as collateral and marketing materials. To find out more about becoming a Samsung Power Partner, visit www.samsungpartner.com."

BTA & Dealer Channels, ok tells me they are looking for Dealers and they may have configured this unit especially for the dealer community. That's a good thing, dealers need a higher MSRP and need to maintain margins while still being able to upgrade existing systems on leases. However, if this is the case, Samsung needs to discontinue the Samsung 6345N which has a list of $2,995 (you can find this box on the web for as low as $1,645).

Don't know about you, but I'd have a hard time laying out an additional two grand for this box.

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