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MFP Weekend Industry Notes 7/5/09

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Toshiba announced that it is working with a small town in Alaska to build a nuclear plant. Details:
- Will supposedly be built in town of Galena, population of 580
- Reactor design called “4S” for super-safe, small and simple
- Will produce 10 megawatts of electricity for 30 years without refueling
- Will be cooled by liquid sodium metal

Oce’ reported the results of last quarter financials:
- revenues declined by 4.1% to 676 million euros
- Digital Document Systems reported revenue decline of 7.4%
- Wide Format division revenue declined by 17.2%
- facilities management division revenue increased by 8%
- non-recurring revenue declined by 11.9%
- incurred 3.4 million euro in restructuring costs
- gross margin declined from 40.2% to 35.5%
- Rokus van Iperen, chairman, stated; “Normalized operating income over the second quarter of 2009 was disappointing due to even more challenging market conditions than in the first quarter.”
- color revenue up to 30% of total
- announced it will cut another 300 employees to boost profit
- will cut the working hours of 2,400 employees at its Venlo facility
- booked a loss of 14 million euros
- according to Reuters; “Oce’ said its search for a strategic partnership was going more
slowly than expected”
- factory in Poing, Germany was operating at half of its capacity
- production at its Venlo plant is down 20%

Oce’ announced that it has promoted John Reilly to President of its Document Printing Systems division. Prior to joining Oce’, John was in charge of marketing for Minolta Corp.

New data from a study conduced by IDC:
- 90% of companies do not track how much they spend on producing and maintaining
documents each year
- Companies spend as much as 10% of revenues on document production, management and distribution
- Paper output volumes are increasing by up to 21% per year
- Up to 50% of all company IT department help desk calls are printer related
- 161 billion gigabytes of information exist worldwide
- information will increase to 988 billion gigabytes in next 4 years
- unstructured data is growing at a rate of 65%
- employees spend up to 40% of their workday looking for content

The National Healthcare Anti-Fraud Assocation states reasons to move to electronic medical records:
- Up to 3% of annual healthcare spending ($68 billion in 2007) is lost due to fraud
- 5% to 15% of a hospital’s medical records are duplicated
- Cost to correct medical record from $20 to $100 per duplicate
- 50% to 90% of insurance claim denials could be prevented by securing accurate patient info
- One out of five claims submitted is delayed or denied
- 96% of insurance claims must by resubmitted at lease once
- 9 million adults in U.S. believe that they or a family member have lost confidential medical info
- The average password related help desk call costs $25
- As much as 40% of patient info is missing when need by medical professional

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review a court case that alleges Xerox illegally cut the benefits to some of its retirees.

Canon announced it will layoff 700 employees from a plant in Japan that makes stepper motors.

Synnex, a computer distributor that also offers a managed print services program for resellers named PrintSolv, reported that its second quarter earnings beat early estimates. It believes further growth will come from customers in the healthcare industry. Synnex is a large distributor for Hewlett Packard. Synnex’s last quarter revenue was $1.9 billion.

Hewlett Packard in conjunction with Dubai police, confiscated a large amount of fake toner cartridges in a 600 square meter, two story, warehouse in Dubai.

Hewlett Packard sold its Vancouver facility to SEH America for $55 million. Details:
- consists of 4 buildings, 694,000 square feet of space, on 174 acres of land
- was site of launch of HP’s first inkjet printer 30 years ago
- was also headquarters of the Edgeline development
- at one time, there were 3,500 HP employees at the site
- inkjet production now in Malaysia
- SEH makes semiconductors and silicon

The U.S. Government has blocked Sharp from importing some LCD TV’s that infringe on Samsung patents.

Kodak announced it will unveil the NexPress SE at the upcoming Print 09 show in Chicago in September. It will be running at 120ppm full color, and will have a built-in densitometer so it can calibrate itself.

Interesting facts about Samsung of Korea:
- founded in 1969
- $108 billion in annual revenue
- $18 billion in annual income
- Employs 150,000
- Spends $5.3 billion in research and development each year
- Has 27,000 researchers on staff
- Has 2,500 PhD’s on staff
- Holds 2,725 patents

Samsung announced that in Asia, it will relabel Toshiba made A3 color & b/w laser MFPs. For example, it will call the Toshiba eSTUDIO 451C the Samsung CLX-7455.

Nuance Communications Inc., maker of popular document management software, such as PaperPort, OmniPage OCR, etc., announced it will pay its CEO, Paul Ricci, a base salary of $525,000 and give him $900,000 in stock. More details:
- Mr. Ricci joined Nuance in 1999, and previously worked for Xerox
- Company based in Burlington, Mass.
- Had $7.1 million in profit last quarter on $229 million in revenue

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