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12 Gas Saving Tips "800 Ways to Save & Serve"

Your Gas, Electric and Phone Bills

The information below was derived from a pamphlet that I found while cleaning out the attic. The pamphlet was printed in 1941 and was titled "800 Ways to Save and Serve", which was designed to help Americans with the World War II effort. Times have changed this is for your enjoyment and nothing else.
Ideas on keeping them "down to earth"

Conserve Cooking Fuel

1) Fuel is a victory essential. Conserve your bit by lowering the hear once the watter is boiling. It will remain at this tempature. Buy an oven thermometer so that the roasting and baking can be done at the most economical, recommended temparture.

2) Don't heat a whole tea kettle of water when all you need is two cups.

3) Remove sediment in your tea kettle.

4) Cook most vegetables in the smallest possible quantity of water - this saves vitamins and minerals too!

5) Use flat bottom pans the same size or larger than the burner or the heating element. Pans that are too small simply waste heat. Make sure that all covers fit tightly!

6) Don't shine the bottom of your pans. A dull surface absorbs more heat than a shiny one.  Stagger pans on the oven racks in order to provide the best circulation and least consumption of heat.

7) Don't waste heat by continually opening the oven.  User your own thermometer and temperature chart.

8) Always be sure gas burner holes are open. A stiff wire will usually keep them that way. Yellow flames are a symptom of a clogged burner.  Yellow flames are not hot. Call your gas company serviceman to adjust the burner is the yellow flames persist.

9) Save more fuel pennies (me: pennies WTF, this might save dollars now) by using ovens for preparing complete meals rather than single dishes. Saves time and footsteps, too.

10) It takes less time and less fuel to cook dried fruits, beans, and certain cereals if you first soak them for several hours.

11) Have food ready when the oven is ready.

12) Halving your potatoes before baking will reduce fuel consumption (me: so I'm thinking this can be the same for a microwave oven).
13) Cooking can be finished with heat stored in the gas or electric oven, after the current has been turned off. Every little bit of fuel savings helps your country  -  and your budget!
Pinching pennies on fuel is high Patriotic (me: and good for my wallet). Remove food to be broiled from the refrigerator well ahead of time and it will broil faster than it would it it were put into the broiler while still chilled.

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