Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Managed Print Services "Boom or Bust"

This was taken from a recent thread on the RFG P4PHotel. Interesting how some MPS companies are talking about just charging for managing output, but how can they manage output, supplies, parts and support from different manufacturers and models?

Okay, someone please tell me what am I missing here? "Best of all, users only pay for actual output and work with one point of contact – an MPS expert – in order to streamline the process."

Most of the time all I think MPS is intended for is to get someone else's hardware out and your new hardware in. Right?? If that is true, then all of the MPS is a bunch of hogwash with the type of statement that was issued by RPS. If is not true, how, how can you service 30 different models of printers from 8 different manufacturers and then put a cost per page on every device?

About a year ago I did something similar for one of my accounts, we held the MFP's, however there were over 45 printers that covered 25 different models and 10 different manufacturers. My plan was to rid all of the local printers and strategically place faster printers and or MFP's to handle the workflow and volume. But, I new we had to replace all of the machines in order to manage and charge correctly. Not every company has all of the same printers? If you are taking service on different manufacturers you will need service manuals, parts manuals, some type of training and some3 inventory on critical parts, right????

I for one believe that managed print services is the removal of all printers and the re-assessment of volumes, needs, costs and workflow! Otherwise, I don't see how you can service the account like you could with all of your own products. A statement like this "Best of all, users only pay for actual output and work with one point of contact – an MPS expert – in order to streamline the process." The one point of contact is true, however how good will they really be when they have to support all the different models from different vendors?


I'm guessing they would get rid of the brands they don't service, but that doesn't make their statement untrue."Users only pay for actual output" Ok, that's an SMP agreement like we've all been doing for 30 years."And work with one point of contact" Of course, once you kick out all your other vendors, you only have 1 guy to call. The goal of MPS is not to service 30 different models from 8 manufacturers, it's to steamline your fleet and gain efficiency by having similar models across the fleet, using similar supplies that can all be serviced by 1 person.


Fred said...

Hi Arthur,

Good blog on printing, enjoyed a few of the articles. I've been in the industry of MFP and network printing for years also, somewhat addicting at times :) Have you worked with RPM or ExcelliPrint and their MFP solutions? Would be curious to know what you thought. We've had a great record worldwide and always looking to improve. Check out our Printing Software that allows you to manipulate and flexible MFP printing.

Best of luck to ya!


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