Monday, October 13, 2008

Wide Format Stacker Increase Productivity!

Do you have the blueprint(blackline)copying or printing blues?
What's the biggest issue with the low volume multifunctional wide format systems?
The Ricoh, KIP and Xerox are all fine systems, especially the Ricoh 240W, 2470 and W2400 (Ricoh has two outputs paths for prints and copies, while the Kip3000/3100 and the Xerox 6204 only have one output.
So, what's needed in order to have uninterrupted printing or copying?
Tameran Corporation offers such a device, the SureStak300 or SureStak1000.
I have a few of these in current accounts and can attest that the systems work day in and day out. The systems are also constructed to last probably longer than the wide format system you bought or leased.
These systems were designed to streamline workflow and increase productivity in the office. Each of these systems will accommodate "A" thru "E" size, along with 300 pages for the SureStak 300 and 1,000 pages of output for the SureStak1000. Eliminate awkward retrieval of large documents from the floor or the inadequate output trays. Having prints fall on the floor or getting jammed is not efficient and too much time is wasted.

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