Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Copier Dealerships "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" Part Deux

Well, I had a pretty good rant in my last blog about "The Ugly Copier " Dealerships and I figure I might as well tell it like it is for the the "The Good Copier" Dealerships.

I should have had a few more drinks like the guys in the picture to the left. Acutually, that picture was from a reception that I attended in Sendai, Japan a few years ago. I'll tell you one thing the Japanese know how to have a good time!!

The Dealerships that will vault to the next step in their evolution will have these attributes:

  • Monthly Sales Meetings to Establish Goals

  • Inventory

  • Test Equipment

  • Demonstration Systems

  • Marketing Campaigns including Web, Email, Mail, Local Advertising and Telemarketing

  • Monthly Ongoing Training for Hardware & Software

  • Systems to Train on

  • Product Launch Meetings

  • Short and Long Term Goals

  • Yearly Raises

  • Quarterly Company Meetings

  • Specialists for Third Party Solution Software

  • Financing for Growth

Successful dealerships must have a core plan, a strategy for winning business and knowing where their strengths and weaknesses are. Plotting a course focusing on your strengths will allow you to garner more business and higher profits. I truly think the days of a dealership being able to be an expert in all markets may be coming to an end. So, the focus will be more of picking three or four or maybe five different markets where your products and level of support is plus, thus this will enable "The Good" Dealership to have a win, win and dominate business in those markets. Easy to do this in large market areas, however in smaller markets you still may have to go after all markets.

-=Good Selling=-


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