Thursday, October 2, 2008

MFP Sucess Story from P4P Hotel

Here's another success story that was posted on the P4PHotel a few years ago, from time to time I'll post some here for everyone to enjoy!

To Art and all that have helped, this is a small token of appreciation for the p4photel. I was working with an IT manager for a MAJOR TV Station in my area.

It became a very technical situation which stemmed from just a printer solution call. the IT Director wanted to replace printers that were running from a black box so that a job could be parallel printed onto 6 printers. As a result of every ones input at the P4PHotel; success stories, and guidance, I was able to turn this into a total workflow solution.

In all I have placed:

(GESTETNER)6 13fs6 9199L Fax Machines

7 45 ppm Laser Printers

2 9002 Copiers2 7502 Copiers

2 27sp copiers

1 213d color copier w/ fiery

4 38ud color printers

I wouldn't have been able to do this with out the support and knowledge that everyone shares on this site. So Thank You to all...

Note from Art: Go ahead become a member of the worlds only networking group for copier (2,000 worldwide members) salespeople

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