Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Xerox ColorQube Reveal "Part Deux"

Special thanx for a Print4Pay Hotel Member who posted this on the KonicaMinolta P4P Message Boards!!

Xerox revealed more details on how it plans on charging for color clicks with its new wax color copier, the ColorQube 9200 series:

- The “Useful Color “ mode will be billed at 1 cent per copy, the same as a b/w document. However, end user can only use a maximum of 1.2% color coverage on a letter size page. For example, this would be a logo that is less than 8 tenths of an inch wide, made with only one color
(cyan, magenta or yellow).

- The “Everyday Color” mode will be billed at 3 cents per copy. However, end user can only use a maximum of 8% color coverage on a letter size page. For example, this could be a logo that is slightly more than 1.3” wide, that uses all 4 colors of wax.

- The “Expressive Color” mode will be billed at 8 cents per copy, and will be charged if using more color than 8%.

- Neither the control panel or the print driver tells the end user how much color is on the page, so the end user will not know what they are being charged until they run a report showing which mode was used.

- Therefore, the end user may be quite surprised how much their click charge bill is even if they did not use much more color than a new logos or colored headlines.

- If end user chooses to buy the wax chunks separately, the cost is:
- Each color wax chunk has yield of 9,250 pages, but is based on letter size page with only 5% coverage, with box of 4 selling for $176
- Black wax yield of 10,000 pages, with box of 4 selling for $570
- Cleaning unit, with yield of 200,000 pages
- document feed roller kit has yield of 150,000 pages
- replacement feed tires for paper drawers have yield of 600,000 pages
- Details on the wax spray print heads:
- uses 4 printheads to cover width of paper
- each printhead is size of a deck of playing cards
- each hot wax nozzle is 37.5 microns wide
- nozzles fire at 43KHz
- each printhead as 880 nozzles (220 per color), which if clogged, causes lines in print
- produces 150 million drops of hot wax spray per second
Make sure you do your research on this unit, I can't verify all of the pixel usage for the cpc, all I can tell you is that it comes from a reliable source.

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Greg Walters said...

Art -

Great information.

Similar to the Edgeline's "Professional" and "color accent" settings.

"Color Accent" can be charged that same as B/W and is somewhere are 120 characters of color per 8.5x11(approximate).

Interesting point, this setting for Color Accent can be "adjusted" - but I haven't seen it yet...

Art Post said...

I'm thinking this technology will go the way of the Edgeline!