Monday, September 5, 2011

Print4Pay Hotel's brush with Irene!

My apologies for zero threads and posts on the blog and the forums.  What I thought would be a quiet vacation the week before Labor Day turned out to be an interesting week.

Living so close to the Atlantic Ocean and Sandy Hook Bay, I took notice with Irene.  I can remember my parents telling me about one Hurricane and I was to young at that time to remember Donna either coming close to New Jersey or hitting New Jersey.

Looking down Bay Ave.
Power went out on Saturday about 11PM, wind, rain, sirens all seemed to be in harmony for a worry some evening, since the weather channel had been reporting gusts in excess of 100 mph and sustained winds about 75mph along with the possibility of tornado's.  WTF, this is New Jersey, we DON'T get Hurricanes, Tornado's and Earthquakes!! 

I spent the night downstairs with my 185lb mixed roty/mastiff dog and he's not too keen on storms, if it rains or there's lightning he's off to one of the bathrooms hiding! So, I thought it was best to keep him downstairs with me, cause if we had to get out quick, there was no way I was getting him to get out of the bathroom.

Irene toppled trees into powerlines near Highlands, N.J.
Sunday morning there was still no power, the rain had subsided, however there were still strong winds.  I quickly ventured outside to survey any damage, we did not have any however many of the neighbors had some downed trees.  I went to the back of my yard which over looks Sandy Hook Bay, the lower portion of the town of Highlands, Sandy Hook and the ocean.  This was right about high tide and I could see that 80% of Highlands had been flooded with storm surge and high tide.  In some areas it looked like the water was 5-6 feet deep!

Looking down the street at The Inlet Cafe.
The weather improved though out the day, the wind kept blowing until the next day and then my week of vacation turned into finding things to do with out power.  Power was finally restored on Thursday in the AM.  We had spent almost 5 days with no power!  Once the power was back on Internet usage was spotty so I figured I'd just hang up the posting on the Print4Pay Hotel forms and the MFP Solutions blog until I came back from vacation.

-=Back to Work=-

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