Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daily Managed Print Industry Notes from Around the World!

Businesses can reduce costs and save energy by making the most of managed print services, it has been claimed. Howard Hall, managing director of DTP Group, said that a "comprehensive IT strategy" on print usage will show results in both corporate and  more

There's a tendency in the business world toward managed print services, where firms which may have offered hardware solutions to administrative functions more

Each week, we have discussed the various ways that managed print services are able to assist companies across a wide range of industries. From the education industry to healthcare organisations, entertainment companies, marketing companies and even government sectors, there is no doubt that managed prints services are able to provide a wide range of benefits. For one industry however, the benefits are seen not only within the industry itself but also for society on a larger scale. This industry is the tourism sector, which actively promotes tourism across cities, towns and countries all over the world.... read more

Lexmark has been the center of many recent conversations. Are they an acquisition target? Can they survive given their size relative to industry behemoth’s HP, Xerox, Ricoh and Canon? Can Lexmark compete against larger rivals when offering global managed print…read more

I am constantly evangelizing about the shift from products to services and how firms who remain product-centric will be challenged for survival. Those that transition to a services-led business model will thrive. Does this mean technology no longer matters? Has technology in the imaging market become irrelevant? Absolutely not. In fact, in a services business technology becomes even more

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