Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Introducing Print Audit Secure!

Introducing Print Audit Secure!

On September 15, Print Audit will be launching its highly anticipated
pull-printing solution, Print Audit Secure. Join a free webinar to learn
how Secure will help you drive more volumes to your machines and
win more deals.


  • Enables users to release their print jobs from any device with their
smartphone or a web enabled computer.
  • Easy to install with no reliance on print servers, print queues or port
monitoring, which means no modifications to your customer's print environment.
  • Low-cost per-device pricing model which makes it easy to bundle with
your service and MPS contracts.
  • Integrates with Print Audit 6 to maximize cost savings for your customers.

Be one of the first to check out Print Audit Secure!

Beginning September 15th, Print Audit's President and CEO, John MacInnes,
will be conducting weekly informational webinars to introduce Secure.
Please register now at

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