Monday, September 5, 2011

New Copier and MFP Selling Polls!

Over on the Print4Pay Hotel forums, the only forums in the world dedicated for people in the copier industry professionals to collaborate with each other. We've posted a few new polls.

The latest is the Solutions Sales Poll, basically we're asking what percentage of your copier/MFP sales also include an OEM Solution or a Third Party solution such as and not limited to ECopy, UDOCX, Nuance, NSI, Jet Mobile, PrintAudit, Print Director, Planet Press, Document Management, etc.. Along with that we've also asked if you include the Professional Services or add them as chargeable.

Our second Poll is the August Sales Quota Poll (take this poll now), to me this is more about how I can judge my efforts with all of the sale people in the business, not just looking at what I did in my company but more about how we performed as a group and with our peers!  July's Sales Quota Poll was pretty impressive for mist Print4Pay Hotel members.

The third poll is our Comp Plan Poll, pretty much just voting on what type of comp plan you are on. Whether it's a hybrid, gross profit or gross revenue. Click the link for the Copier and MFP Comp Plan Poll.

Last but not least is our Copier/MFP take down poll, here your selecting what manufacturers devices you've knocked out.  I find this one of the most interesting polls because you can really get a good feel for the population of boxes in commercial accounts.

That's it for the latest polls, but what's really cool is that there are ove 200 polls posted on the Print4Pay Hotel forums!

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