Sunday, September 11, 2011

Top Ten Print Production Certification Tests

I'm excited to announce a new feature on the Print4Pay Hotel forums!  We just launched our first Certification Testing for the Print Production Industry. 

In all we'll have 10 tests that are intended to help you learn more about the terms, instruments, technology and language that's used in the Print Production Industry. The speeds and feeds are up to you. These Certification Tests are posted in the Print4Pay Hotel U forums.

We realize that the growth in the Copier/MFP industry is at the very high end.  However, the systems from Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, HP and KonicaMinolta require you to be an expert with work flow and know what your system can and can't do along with your competitors. Now we can't tell what each machine can and can't do, but we can help with growing your knowledge in the Print Production Industry.

The Certification Testing is open to all members, however all of the research documents will need to be downloaded from the Print4Pay Hotel forums.  These documents will be posted in on the P4P's Document Library for easy access.

For each week for the next 10 weeks we'll post a new Print Production Certification on the forums.  We'll be uploading new documents to the P4P Document Library also.  Make no mistake!  This is an excellent way to gain additional knowledge and become and expert in a matter of months.  Upon completion of a passing grade you'll be able to print out your Print Production Certificate that recognizes your achievement.

I've got a head start on this and we've already posted the first two certification tests, and they can be accessed here.

Print Production Certification Test 1

Print Production Certification Test II

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