Monday, April 20, 2009

Xerox May Land Buffalo Schools Contract!

In a recent article from, they reported that Buffalo Schools may contract with Xerox and no competitive bidding! This Wednesday night the contract could be awarded to Xerox for almost 300 copy machines with out any additional bidders.

"The leasing contract for close to 300 copy machines for the Buffalo School System could be awarded Wednesday to the Xerox Corporation, without any competitive bidding."

Oce is not pleased with this and offered this "We can compete with Xerox head on, head on," said John Bird of OCE Corporate Printing Division.

That doesn't copy well with the OCE company, which wanted to bid on the contract, but was told by the School District there would be not bidding.

"They're not allowing vendors to come in and compete against the current vendor. It's kind of a closed door policy," said Bird."

A little investigative reporting goes a long way, and if I were following up on this I would do a little bit of financial investigating on this one.


Greg Walters said...

Art - great snag!

Art Post said...

Greg- Gees I couldn't miss it, it was all over the media, thanx for the kudos