Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ink / Toner Coverage Calculator

Ink / Toner Coverage Calculator was a recent topic on the Print4Pay Hotel Ricoh Family Group Message Boards.

One of our members from South Africa asked "Hi, i'm looking for an EXCEL Ink/Toner Coverage Calculator - anyone who can share one with me? Thanks"

In response another one of our members suggested "I don't think I understand your question. You want an Excel Spreadsheet that will... do what?

If you are looking for a program that measures actual ink/toner coverage, this one is nice:

APFill Ink Coverage Calculator is a unique tool for print shops and home users. Now you can optimize pages you print to spend less ink, toner and money. Ink and toner usage is usually described by printer manufacturers as so many pages of A4 using 5% coverage. APFill Ink Coverage Calculator helps you calculate ink and toner coverage on the page before printing. When you use APFill Ink Coverage you can estimate your cost more accurately. APFill will help you to estimate price based on paper density, paper format and original color density, so you can optimize pages you print and spend less ink, toner and money.

You can download a free 30 day trial, I'm gonna give it a go to see how it works. Here's the link

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