Monday, April 27, 2009

LaserMonks helping the Environment "One Click at a Time"

Laser Monks has got it right, help the environment by recycling, use soy based toner, save some cash and give back.

Lasermonks use a soybean based toner, it's grown in fields rather than manufactured from fossil fuels. Lasermonks state that "Environmentally, using soy based toners is a win-win situation...industry leaders report that it takes about 2 liters of oil to make 1 lb of toner powder required for each oil-based cartridge. U.S. businesses, organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies currently consume more than 100 million cartridges per year. That equates to 100 million pounds or approximately 50,000 tons of material petroleum is used to produce."

Here's some fast facts about Lasermonks:

- run by the Cistercian monks of Our Lady of Spring Bank in Sparta, Wisconsin
- offers cartridges filled with toner made from soy beans, for businesses who are concerned with the environment. It is unknown the long term effects of using soy based toner on a laser engine
- for every cartridge of soy toner it sells, the company will plant a tree in Brazil and donate $1.00 to a world hunger group
- for any cartridge purchased, the company promises a prayer
- soy toner is only available in black

I'm a big fan of their Trappist Preserves, if you haven't tried these I suggest you do, my favorite.....blackberry and peanut butter on whole wheat, yummy.

Now, you can't eat the toner, but I'm sure your laser printer won't mind the change of diet, take a trip here to find out more lasermonksgreen.

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Greg Walters said...

Art -

Great article.

When researching the whole "soy" toner movement for an article, I spoke with, at that time, the only provider of Soy-based toner in the country.

He was getting his soy-toner from Europe as the domestic sources had not yet come to fruition.

I learned that the toner itself is not soy-based, but the process to make toner is different - instead of using petroleum based oils to "cook" the toner, Soy base oils are used.

Very interesting, and a little politically motivated...

Okidate Cartridges said...

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