Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Copier Sales "A Week in The Life" John Carr

About a week ago I asked some members of the P4P Hotel to please post a blog for the Series "Copier Sales" A Week in The Life" John Carr from South Florida sent me this, so I'm posting for all. It's a good read and well put together!

A day in life Tuesday…….

Here it is Tuesday morning the alarm goes off at 4:30am. I make some coffee and head quietly to my office on the other side of the house. I turn on my personal computer and spend the next 45 minutes dealing with all my personal stuff.

6:00am on turn on the work laptop and make sure everything is synced to the blackberry and answer any emails that come through over night.
6:45am I am on the road to my networking meeting which starts at 7:30am.

This usually results in meeting at least one new person and an average of 3 referrals a month. Meeting ends at 9am.

I will then have at least one appointment in the area and finish up by 11:30am. Now it is lunch time, if I do not have a lunch appointment with and existing or potential client then I will meet with a strategic alliance for lunch until 12:30pm.

No closing appointments then now I am heading to the office. I get there and spend the rest of the day making pre-planned calls to set appointments with both new and existing clients.

6:00pm, time to head out on the highway for home or possibly the driving range! That is a typical Tuesday for this Document Management Consultant!

-=Good Selling=-

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braxtoq said...

Hello John Carr, hope you're doing well, who are you with now?

Chuck B.