Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sharp Frontier Series delivers a dream that....

"... a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars", I remember this line from Captain Kirk on Star Trek. That's my thoughts when I first saw the new Frontier series the MX-C311 and the MC-C401 A4 devices from Sharp.

So, whats so cool about these new systems. Well, first of all as a sales guys that has to constantly address questions in reference to "how do I do this" or "how can I do that", the Frontier series stands atop all others.

The Frontier Series utilizes a "Remote Front Panel Feature"

•Can be used by organizations that have in-house help desks to help reduce costs associated with on-site device support
•Can be used to help remotely diagnose and provide quick resolution to problems
•Can be used to provide remote key operator training
•Used in conjunction with MWAi’s Scope™, can be remotely used by the dealer to provide outsourced device support – including full access to Service Simulation tests, reports and settings.

Can you imagine, no more traveling to the customers office to resolve a "how can I do this" or how can I do that" . I could actually take control of the key panel and walk them thru the issue or the feature. Awesome, this type of feature could save me a weeks worth of work during the course of the year!

Now, I've heard some talk and I even posted a thread in reference to how light the Sharp was. Indeed, I'll admit that I was not aware that the Sharp utilizes a Unibody frame.

•Provides strength & stability
•Reduces vibration
•Protects & isolates critical components

I'm sure that this innovation will cross over to other manufacturers.

Business Card Feeder Attachment allows for a stack of business cards to be placed in the autodocument feeder and then easily scanned and stored. This will work with most commericially available business card scanning software. Think of that, after a long day of cold calling all I have to do is put the cards in the feeder and send em to my scan file!! Whoo YA!

How about the OSA 3rd generation Developement Platform:

•MFP becomes a portal enabling quick access to information
•Quick and easy integration with network applications
•Flexible interface offers personalization and customization
•Uses industry standard protocols, such as XML and SOAP *
•High-resolution graphical UI and support for additional protocols, such as HTML, JAVA and others allow users to interact with network applications faster than ever before.

Another innovative feature is "My Sharp", in essence this allows a dealer to create a customized web site for training customers, what's the big deal, well the customer can view this right on the Color LCD display of the system, giving pretty much 27/7 suppport.

There's a lot to like about the new Frontier series, from the A4 paper capability, My Sharp, Remote Front Panel and 3rd gen OSA to all of the cool and innovative features.

Sharp has a homerun here and hope I don't see these soon in my territory.

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