Monday, November 24, 2008

Copier Humor II

Here's another, again back in the eighties.

Got a call from a person that ran a business out of their home. I secured the demonstration for the date and time. Loaded the copier and my partner in the car (remember when demo's took two people and you had to have a station wagon) and we were off! We got there and knocked on the door, then rang the doorbell, nothing.....figured we would go around back and knock on the backdoor.

We opened the gate and found a woman nude sun bathing in the back yard! She saw us, screamed and went indoors...... we had the wrong address.

Ah the eighties!

Here's another from Jason with the Ricoh Family Group P4P Hotel:

Years ago, a new rep asked for help running a comparison in BLI. She had already found our machine in BLI, but was unable to find the customer's current machine in the database.

I looked at her notes and found the machine she was looking for was the "Bodankor 2000". I told her I'd never heard of that manufacturer... was she sure that she had the name right?

She replied "yes, that's exactly what the customer said, "I just want to get rid of that old "Boat Anchor"."

These and more are just dome of the threads in the P4P Hotel, just yesterday I combed the internet for old copier commericals, you'd be suprised at what I found and posted.

-=Good Selling=-

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