Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MFP Wars "How 2 Takedown A3 devices with A4's!

In a few days I will be publishing a sales paper on "How to Takedown A3 devices with A4 devices.

I will outline the step by step process on the sales interview, questions to ask, target markets, and spreadsheets for color and monochrome analysis. As you all know I'm a firm believer in A4 devices. Both Gartner and IDC agree that there will be more activity with these devices.

This document will be only be available to P4PHotel members. Membership is free

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wallingford said...

I look forward to seeing the article once published. I too believe that there are a helluva lot of companies, that do not require A3, and even if they did, if they are a multi device user, only one basic system with A3 would be required in most cases. This would afford them quite a big saving in device costs.