Monday, November 24, 2008

Minolta Beta 450Z Copier

While cruising thru You Tube, I caught this old Minolta copier commercial!

The ole 450Z, brought accolades to Minolta for one of the top selling units ever! If some of you don't remember the Minolta 450Z was the first copier to have a zoom lens. It would reduce or enlarge to 1/10 of 1%. I can't tell you how many of these systems I sold to print shops, graphics artists, and newspaper companies.

One of the selling points was the lens, yes Minolta was making some of the finest lenses in the world and they used the camera lenses on these systems. Well....kinda, that what we said back then. The system had a stationary top, document feeder and a 10 bin sorter, and it was a heavy beast! Try loading these in and out of the car a few times a day.

On to the commercial! Only from the eye of Minolta!

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