Thursday, November 6, 2008

So, You Wanna Buy A Color Printer

I had a demo to do today on a color printer, however the color printer had to a have a fiery. Well, the only printer I could think of was the OKI 9800 hn or the OKI 3461 (Print Shop in a Box). I arranged a visit to Oki for the customer, it was close. however six miles away from the house I got a flat, and I didn't have a spare (all baseball equipment). So, I took a 5-10mph ride home.

The demo went ok, and my rep tried to show the 3641 MFP more however client the has his heart set on a printer. Now, when it comes to printers we do not offer a cpp, why?? is beyond me, however the client is not interested in service. So he would buy the consumables as needed and service as needed.

As I am a numbers man, and I'll make more selling the MFP than the printer. I ran some numbers based on a cpp for the Oki 3641 and the Oki 9800hn getting supplies an service as you need them. To tell you the truth I was astonished at the numbers. I complied a spread that encompassed 20% coverage to 100% coverage.

Here's the document for you all, MFP vs Printer Workbook this is also great to use for other comparison's when up against printers, its quick and easy and all you have to know is the cpp of the printer you are working with.

So, here's a freaky number I got, if you did 5,000 pages of 100% color per month, you would spend approximately $2,460 per month for service, parts and consumables, on the other hand if you had an MFP at a flat cost per page your cost would be $425.00 WOW. I know these are not real world usage however even on the low end the flat cpp is the way to go on a color mfp!

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