Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ecopy Desktop & "Eric the Office Worker"

"Eric the Office Worker" is now working at Acme Buy. "Eric the Office Worker" is a Customer Sales Rep, and helps customers fulfill their orders as the customers visit the Acme Buy Showroom.

Eric has no clue there's a better way to reduce paper and save time. Eric's current workflow is that he will print a sales order form (pdf) in color from a local color printer, he will then hand write the order information for the customer, when Eric is finished he has the customer sign the order, process payment. From there Eric will make a copy of that order for him self, a copy for the customer and hand over the original to order processing. Order processing will then enter the order, make another copy to forward to accounting. At this point the order that "Eric the Office Worker" filled out has been copied three times.

Now, did I tell you how "Eric the Office Worker" has a small issue with handwriting, although he enters all of the information needed, on many occasions "Eric the Office Worker" 2's look like 7's and some of his script needs to be deciphered. So, order processing will call him back about the order and verbally go over the numbers or words that are in questions. At times, Eric the Office Worker has even added sticky notes to the order to draw attention to a question on a model number the color of a specific item. Did I tell you that sometimes the sticky note never makes it to order processing? The last sticky note was found hanging off of Sally's shoe as she was entering the lunch room.

Eric is not the only sales person at the office, there are 9 more and each has the same workflow. Order entry spends countless hours questioning handwriting, additional notes, and if the order is misplaced there are additional hours spent each and every month.

So, where is the solution for "Eric the office Worker"? Acme needs to simplify the process and reduce errors in order to increase profit.

Ecopy desktop to the rescue! Ecopy desktop would be installed on all of the pc's, in additional we would add 10 USB signature scanners to all of the sales people. Now, "Eric the Office Worker" will pull up the sales order, from there he will edit the pdf form with Ecopy Desktop, that's right he'll be able to type all of the information on the screen. Once the order is correct, he will than have the customer sign the USB scanner and then import the signature to the form. Once completed, he will print one for the customer, then email the sales form (by, the way if Eric, needs to add anything additional to the form, he can add a "sticky note" to the electronic document)to order entry. From there order entry will view the order, enter the order in the system (order entry can also add notes at this time). Order Entry then emails the form to Accounting. Accounting then creates and invoice and files sales order electronically.

Using Ecopy Desktop has just saved three printed pages, seeing that there are 10 sales people that makes 30 pages saved, and then four orders from each rep per day now saves 120 pages a day, they're open 7 days a week, so that's a total of 3,600 pieces of paper saved. Monthly paper savings is $25.20.

We've also saved 3,600 copies at .0125 per page, there's another $45 per month. However the true savings is in productivity, the office now saves more than 7 hours per month due to the reduced paper based workflow. Documents are now clean and easy to read, everyone can keep an electronic copy if they need to along with the not every having a lost sales order ever again. At an average cost of $21 per hour, the company has saved an additional $147 in productivity.

End result is a monthly savings of $217.20 per month, cost to have ecopy desktop (15 seats) and scanners (10 USB scanners) and consulting equals $145 per month. Net savings every month equals $71.31 and a customer forever.

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Greg Walters said...


I use ECopy Desktop to convert files to .PDF,and mix .PdFs together into one document..

It's very easy to use.

Art Post said...

You can do that also, ecopy is awesome and a fraction of the cost of Adobe full version, and easier to use!

Bill Brikiatis, eCopy said...

You can try eCopy Desktop for free. Here is the page where you can download it:

Art Post said...

And if you like it, which I'm sure you will. please send me and email and I can customize a solution for you!