Sunday, February 24, 2013

Who's Afraid of Memjet "Follow Up" Q & A

Last week I posted Who's Afraid of Memjet "Part Duex". I was able to see a demonstration of the of the mew Memjet C6010 printer at the BTA Winter Break in Orlando.  I had a few questions about the product and pricing but was not able to secure that information while I was at the show.

In the mean time I sent an email to Kim Beswick of Memjet with those questions in hand. 

Hi Art – here are quick answers to your questions – I’m in meetings all day tomorrow but will do my best to respond quickly if you have others.
what was the MSRP again and the estimated cost per page?  
The MSRP for the C6010 printer is $1299.  We are only distributing through select MPS/dealers – so this price is a bit of a list price that very few buyers will have access to.  We expect the device to be sold typically below the MSRP.
CPP is difficult to estimate.  I know this is going to sound a bit crazy but I expect Color CPP’s to be between 3-10c and black to be 1.5-2c.  We have variable pricing to dealers for ink tanks based on whether the ink tank is brand new, refilled with new ink via an authorized centralized process, refilled with new ink by the dealer themselves (again via an authorized process). 
The combination of variable pricing and different pricing strategies at the dealer level, and the fact that we are not overly distributed, will together create a lot of variety in terms of Color CPP (i.e. street prices quoted to customers).  We don’t have  public reference price for ink, nor are we selling through big box stores or national online outlets like CDW.  So dealers can price low (i.e. to win an aggressive bid, or shift less profitable monochrome pages to color) or they can price for the margin % or $’s they need, or they can price at the same price as the A3 click charge (all in) or ??? 
All in all more color pages = more profit to dealers.  We are excited about that.

Also do you have software that will do a tiered billing process like the Xerox colorqube or the new kyocera devices.  
Not yet.  This is an area of interest and exploration right now.  In the end we likely won’t have a pricing program like Xerox.  But what we want to do is track different types of pages – and give the dealers the data to manage an account in the same way – based on different prices for different types of pages.
Thanks Art –

Here' the original link for Who's Afraid of Memjet.
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