Sunday, February 17, 2013

Selling MPS & MFP's "What Do Customers Want"?

Thought I would share this thread from the forums with everyone. It's an excellent read and from a retired copier guy and an awesome Print4Pay Hotel member!  Thanx, Chuck!

Art, quite a few years ago I copied from this site one of the most profound things that I had read about Customer Service. I've tried to search your archives with no luck so I'll re-type it here and if can find the source to attribute please post since it is not my intellectual property. Here goes . . .


For years businesses have struggled to answer that question. Along the way slogans and discussions have come and gone - about customer satisfaction versus loyalty, selling outcomes and solutions versus products and services and technical processes versus interpersonal skills. Too often they missed the point. Research shows that independent of industry, geography, product or service, customers consistently report that they value four qualities in the services they receive:

SEAMLESS SERVICE: The ability to manage service factors that are invisible to the customer. Although customers want the benefit of all services an organization may offer, they don't want to be exposed to the details of behind-the-scenes operations. Nor do they want to deal with several individuals on the same issue. They expect frontline staff to coordinate everything for them.

TRUSTWORTHY SERVICE: The ability to provide what was promised - dependably and accurately. Customers want to feel they are in capable hands; that promises and commitments will be kept. They want things to be correct the first time, but if something goes wrong they expect quick, thorough recovery.

ATTENTIVE SERVICE: The ability to provide caring and individual attention to customers, recognizing both their human ans business needs. This quality, considered the most important by customers, is derived from the desire to be recognized quickly, politely and with respect.

RESOURCEFUL SERVICE: The ability to provide prompt service and creative solution. Customers like a fast, flexible approach to the service interaction. If needed, they expect prompt and creative problem solving in the service recovery.

Each person, every day is responsible for delivering stellar service experiences. At each interaction the customer is shaping an opinion of you and the organization. By integrating the four STAR Qualities into attitudes and behaviors, you will provide meaningful and memorable experiences that will build customer loyalty.

(emphasis added)

That my friend is what you did and why you are the success that you are. Now that I am retired I continue to use these Customer Service tenets in my daily life. Thanks.

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