Sunday, February 17, 2013

Document Management Software Drives Additional Click Revenue!

While at the BTA Winter Break event in Orlando I paid a visit to the Docuware booth.  I've been aware of Docuware for sometime, never had the chance to use their solution, but wanted to see if they had anything that was unique and special with Document Management and MFP's.

I was able to speak with Mary Williams who is the Marketing Communications Manager for Docuware, and she told me about a new feature with Docuware that would enable an MFP user to scan the Docuware archive from the MFP, select that document and then print that document from the MFP!

Whoa, I thought that was an awesome feature. I was not aware that this technology was available.  I asked Mary for some additional information on this.  Today I received the document which is titled "CONNECT to Toshiba Version 2", the first line of the document states Turn your Toshiba MFP into a portal to Docuware.

Here's a quick couple of paragraphs from that document.....

(btw, this document has been uploaded to the print4pay hotel forums if you'd like to download it).

"With DocuWare and a Toshiba MFP, busy offices and workgroups can adopt a truly digital workflow- and communicate more efficiently, Leverage your company's investment by extending your MFP's capabilities from the control panel to the desktop-making it easier than ever to get the job done".

Select and Print Archived Documents on the MFP

  • Find your stored documents on the copier's panel and print quickly and easily to take with you.
On the way to a meeting you may remember that you didn't get the minutes from the previous meeting. You can search for the minutes, which have been archived in DocuWare, directly on the MFP and print them out.

The entries of index terms of previously archived documents are listed hierarchically, as in a folder structure. By selecting and index folder, you  transfer the search term to DocuWare.
I can see where this can be an awesome feature for at least a few of my customers that uses delivery tickets on a daily basis.  Daily drivers could access the forms and print them right at the MFP in the Shipping department and thus save time from not having to wait for a clerk to access and print that document.

As of right now this seems to be a feature for the Toshiba systems only, could be wrong but this is the first I'm hearing of this and I think the feature has great potential.  Also it's nice way to drive additional clicks for the Dealer!!

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