Sunday, February 10, 2013

Top 5 Picks from BTA Winter Break "Muratec MFX-3530 Reveal"

With the Northeast be crippled with a snowstorm, I was able to stay in sunny Orlando for an additional day after the BTA Winter Break.

This weekend Office Equipment Dealers flocked to the BTA Winter Break in Orlando for a two day event.  I'd like to thank BTA Southeast for the awesome event they produced. 

At every event I look for a new product or a new software or a service that will spark my interest.  One of these products is the new Muratec MFX-3530 A4 MFP. 

The new MFX-3530 is the flagship of Muratec's A4 MFP devices.  But instead of just writing down the specs of this new MFP, I'd like to point out some of the features that make the MFX-3530 your go to device when competing against other MFP's from the likes of Xerox, Canon, Sharp, Toshiba and Kyocera.

First on my list is the importance of PCL5 printer driver.  It was not until about a year ago that I realized how important it is to have the PCL5 print driver. This is going to be plain and simple,  if your MFP supports PCL5 then you have the ability to add third party solutions like Typehaus, which will give you the ability to create electronic forms.  Some of the other A4 competitors do not offer a pcl5 driver for their systems.

Second on my list is the scanning speed of the Muratec MFX-3530, 40 pages per minute at 300dpi in color.  Many of the other competitors A4 devices state their scan speeds at 200 dpi.  Since scanning is playing an important role in the office now. I will state the scan speed of the system before ever mentioning the print speed.

Third is the 80 pages DADF document feeder that will scan two sided documents in a single pass.  Prospects like this feature because they are always wary of their originals getting jammed or destroyed.

The four item I'd like to point out is ScanTag which allows users to
create SMART scans with the MFX-3530. ScanTag is an option however it will allows users to add multiple of metadata that can enable auto indexing of documents in many popular document management solutions.

The fifth feature is the sizzle, Direct Scan also an option however this is the holy grail feature when it comes to scanning.  Direct Scan will allow users to scan document directly to PC folders from the MFP without any additional hardware of software connectors!  It's important to note that you need to speak about scanning workflow first,  capture their workflow, give them vision about these new features. Many prospects will tell me, oh well that's not a big deal, I just scan to my folder or my email and then move the file.  I'll then ask "how long does that take you, and how many clicks are involved to name a file, save a file and then move a file"?  You've got to bring this to their attention because your prospects are not aware that Direct Scan can be a tremendous time saver!

That's my top five items that I like about this system, I could list another 5 but I'll save that for another blog.  If you're looking for a second line, and you want to separate yourself from the pack.  Muratec is doing a great job with some innovative features on their MFP's.  There's another incredible scan solution coming in the near future from Muratec.  Stay tuned, I'll have something for you soon.

Stay tuned and see what Memjet had to offer!

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