Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photizo Transform 2013 "Why You Need to be There"

Last year I was able to attend the Transform 2012 Global event in Orlando.  This year Transform 2013 date is May 6th-9th in Phoenix, Arizona.

Whether your focus is  Managed Print Services,  Managed Network, Mobile Print, VAR, or the traditional MFP/MFP dealer we're all focused on bringing new products, adding new revenue streams and services to our clients and prospects. The Photizo Transform event  allows for us to network with others and educate ourselves through the many educational speakers that will speak at this years event.

You may ask yourself "what's in it for me", it's the practical education from expert speakers that will enable your company to enable that  next new revenue stream, the ability to network with your peers, share ideas and inspirations.

I can tell you that I was impressed with last years event so much so that I made a commitment to attend the 2013 event come hell or high water.  What I like best about the event is that you're not getting the same old line of BS from the manufacturers shows.  I've attended two events this year that had keynote speakers from two major imaging manufacturers and both told the same dam story about a services led industry, the only difference from the two was their accents.  Manufacturer shows push their own agendas, thus attending a Photizo Transform show is  refreshing to hear from speakers that have no skin in the game when it comes to your business.

We all know our industry in changing rapidly, and some pundits claim that we'll have more change in the next 4-5 years than we've had in the last 25 years.

I'll be there and hope to see you there.

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