Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MFP Solutions to the Table and Hardware will Follow!

I've had a few emails in recent weeks to try and get some threads in reference to solutions. There certainly are enough of them out there.

Just today I had an appointment with an IT Manager in New Jersey, company size is about 40 and they have numerous print, copy and fax devices.

The first thing I did was to ask for a tour of the facility. Once I had the ok, I fumbled for the pen and paper and we went to see all of the devices.

This is probably the best way to start any appointment when you're engaging with a new client, so much can be learned from seeing how the machines are placed, where they are placed, how they are used and what type of media is being used. You really can get a firm grip on how they use their machines.

When we arrived at one of the MFP's, I questioned the IT person if they are scanning the documents as search able pdf's. The answer I got was, "well we had looked at document management...", I then replied "was it the expense why you didn't move forward?", the IT Manager agreed and then stated the cost was $20K to get started. With that I brought up NSI Autostore explaining that that you can get NSI for around $1,200 or so and at least start converting all of your scanned images to search able .pdfs.

there's more to this here!
Moving on there were also some wide format ink jet devices and I went into the Print Audit mode explaining the benefits of controlling and billing wide format prints and then enlightened the IT Manager of the additional benefits of Print Audit such as customer print rules, monthly reports of how much is printed per device, the cost of each page, along with the ability to migrate print jobs to lower cost print devices.

My next talk track centered on the benefits of PPDM from Ricoh and asked questions like this. Could you save time if you were able to scan paper based documents back to word, or excel? Could you save time by scanning documents and creating search able forms, how about bates stamping, redaction, and extracting data from printed forms? I could see that a few of these hit home.

Point of the matter is we never sat down at a conference table, we never discussed hardware, I didn't hand out brochures. By the time I left I had another appointment to install our print monitoring software for 30 days, with an agreement that we would then deliver the reports and a few ideas to help them save money.

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