Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Selling Copiers & MFp's "Tell em it's God Calling"

I tell ya, when you get down to the last few days of the month and you're sitting on 105K that can close, anything can happen.

While I was taking a break from making some follow up calls, and I had just made a boat load of them (all of this was before the earthquake).  I overheard one of the reps state his name and our company on the phone. 

Well, I knew what the question was "Who is calling"? 

After he got off the phone I stated the next time I'm gonna tell someone it's GOD calling and see what happens (of course I was just kidding).

 However here's few things that will irrate GOD!

  • Don't leave God on hold forever
  • Don't have a nasty attitude towards GOD
  • Don't hate GOD for calling
  • Don't put GOD into voice mail (ever)
  • Don't tell GOD he or she is away from their desk
  • Don't tell GOD we're not interested
  • Don't tell GOD we just leased a machine a week ago (that irrates GOD more than ever, it's like "you shoulda been here yesterday the fish were all over the place)
  • Don't ask GOD what are you calling in reference to
  • Don't tell GOD not to call again
  • Don't tell GOD that person isout to lunch at 3PM in the afternoon 
  • Don't tell GOD he or she just stepped out
  • Don't tell GOD he or she is busy
  • Last but not least DON'T EVER HANG UP ON GOD!
So, the next time you've had a busy day on the phone, maybe you can use the GOD card, I'm sure it will either get a laugh or someone will hang up on GOD!

-=Good Selling=-

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