Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Xerox FREE High Volume Copiers

This is an ongoing topic on the Print4Pay Hotel forums.  I thought I would share some of the threads that were posted by Print4Pay Hotel members.

Me: Dig this. I followed up today with a small print shop here in NJ today, towards the month end for me and this print shop had been in the market for a color printer, however my price was not right for him a few months ago.

Anyway, I'm on the phone with him (he's a good guy and wouldn't bs me), he tells me that he signed and agreement from Xerox for a refurbished 120ppm digital copier and a 25ppm color system with NO Base charges and NO minimums for monthly click charges, along with that he stated the cost per page charge is right in line with new systems!

He has to keep the machine for a minimum of 3 years and if he decides to get rid of the system there is a $500 charge to remove.

To say the least I was shocked and to tell the truth the customer is too! He said he checked the paperwork and all looked well, I asked that he check it again and read all of the fine print because this just seems to good to be true. In addition he stated that one of his other printer buddies did the same deal in NJ. He also stated that he has to wait 4-8 weeks to get the systems.
Has anyone else seen or heard of this in other parts of the country????

Reply from Printfun:

This is legit. It is only open to current non-users. It is as advertised, there really aren't any "catches". The goal is to introduce non-users to Xerox production color machines, allowing smaller print for pay customers to get into the game afford ably.

Reply from Chuck:

Think about it - Xerox places a NEW device in a P4P or School location and picks up perfectly good (these are NOT fast plastic as they call 'em) 120 ppm device and rather than warehouse them they're placed in a NET NEW location generating half the revenue they were getting AND they've got a NET NEW color printer. It's all about the clicks and the aftermarket. In three years (or perhaps much sooner) there's another "great offer" and . . .

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Anonymous said...

I bought a Xerox 5334 certified preowned copier from Xerox in late 1999 for $2,200 (original list $14,000) with 10bin sorter, duplex etc. The maintenance contract was Monthly base charge of $33/month and print charge of $.016 per page B&W that included Xerox supplied toner.

Starting in 2006, the base charge was eliminated and the print charge had increased to $.019 per page that still included toner. The contract is renewed yearly and can be canceled by either me or Xerox with no penalty. By 2006, most of my making copies was done on a Lexmark printer from PDF files, so my copy volume was maybe a few hundred copies per month, which they round to $0.00 every quarter for the last 6 years. So I have been getting essentially free maintenance for the cost of toner at $.019 per page for the last 5 years. The touch screen developed many lines so they replaced that the tech said would cost $600-$800. Also they replaced the drum.

I just bought a Phaser 8560mfp/d printer for $2000 (list) minus $750 rebate that is covered by xerox maintenance for the first year, and after that it is a NO minimum, NO base charge, contract with per page charge of $.019 B&W and $.109 color with Xerox supplying the solid ink, that is not alot more than what it will cost me to buy the solid ink. The contract is renewable yearly and can be canceled by either me or Xerox with no penalty.

The only down side is I do alot of engineering plots that don't use much color, so I may be paying $.109 for not much color, but with low volume color pages, I still get cheap maintenance hopefully for years. On the other hand, I can print full color photo prints for only $.109 per print. They only claim 600x600dpi resolution, but I just got test prints before buying it, and it is substantially higher resolution than my 1200x1200 dpi Lexmark printer with spectacular color. So I look at it as getting nearly free solid ink with free maintenance. If all goes well, I can get Xerox maintenance for 10 years or so. It has worked that way with the copier for the last 5 years.