Sunday, August 14, 2011

Top Ten Favorite Copier Moments!

We started this topic on the Print4Pay Hotel forums a few months ago and I thought I'd share some of the threads that were posted for everyone.

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"Several years back, I installed a fleet of Gestetner 60ppm MFP's in a large private school in DFW. The day after they were installed, a teacher decided to make transparencies (this was only 6 years ago, but they still used them) on the new machine. She made the mistake of grabbing transparencies that were not approved for use on a high-speed copier and proceeded to melt several transparencies onto the fusing unit. Not realizing what happened, she just thought the new machine was broken. So, why not try another machine down the hall. Obviously, the same result. This infuriated our VP of Service who started threatening to bill them for (2) new fusing units as part of the "User abuse" clause of their contract. The bill would've been nearly $2,000. The service technician who received the calls visited the machines and upon confirming that the transparencies had melted onto the fusing units, he abruptly left and grabbed several cans of compressed air from the Staples down the street. When he returned, he sprayed the compressed air onto the fusing units and dropped them on the floor, at which point the transparencies shattered into pieces on the floor & put the fusers back into the machines. They ran perfectly. He's basically a legend on that campus now." by TXEAGLE

"Years ago had a Lawyer come into our warehouse all angry yelling that her Fax machine we just sold her did not work at all.

So we took the fax back to product support and did some testing and could not find anything wrong with it.

After listening to her rant about documents not being sent we kindly asked her to come back to demonstrate what she was seeing as an error.

She takes a sheet of paper fed it in, dialed the test number, hit send, and started yelling

"See the paper just spits back out!"

"that piece of paper is not going anywhere!"

We had to explain to her that a Fax only transfers the image not the actual piece of paper."  by YETI

I was doing a demo when the newer bottles came out it was on a 22 cpm. Open the door and pulled the bottle and flipped it upside down and said look no more spilled toner and looked to see I was pouring toner on their new carpet.The top was still in the chuck.

The funniest one I ever heard was told to be by a technician it was in the mid 80's he dumped the developer out a customers machine and did not have a bag to put it in, so he went into the rest room and put it in the commode, but when he flushed it just spun around in the bowl. He flushed so many time the customer started knocking the door asking if he was ok and needed any help."
by Aficio 400

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