Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fiery Print Server "When Do I need One?"

Wondering when to offer an EFI option for an external Fiery print server?

- EFI Impose should be proposed if:
- Customer wants to define full bleed area and crop marks for trimming
- Want to arrange prints so when stacked up, they can be cut correctly (i.e. business cards, postcards, etc.)
- May wish to rearrangement of pages in a booklet
- Ability to multiply images an align them on a large sheet (business cards)
- Templates available so do not have to create workflow each time
- EFI Compose should be proposed if:
- Want to put tabs into documents
- Able to print documents that use different types of paper throughout the documents
- Can produce single document using pages from multiple documents
- Control where in document auto duplex is used, and precise control over finishing options
- Wish to make last minute changes to document without going to back to original
application that created it
- Need to create chapters or sections in documents
- Customer wants to see multiple preview views of document
- EFI Color Profiler Suite should be proposed if:
- End user wants their computer screen and printer’s output to be very close in color
- Can create profile for their specific production color system, rather then used canned
profile that came “in the box”
- Wants output of two different production color systems to resemble one another
- Would like to check to see if a color proof in accordance with industry standards
- EFI Graphic Arts Premium Package should be proposed if:
- End user wants to review exact color proof before printing
- Need to simulate the effect of the color of the paper to the color of the output
- Create custom halftone screens to simulate offset press output
- Want to change files to other types, like CT/LW, PDF2GO, ExportPS, DCS 2.0, EPS,
- Wish to check document for errors, i.e. preflighting
- Get control of trapping, where color overlays another color
- Can add color bars to edge of full bleed document to check registration and color management

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