Friday, June 26, 2009

Production Color Systems "Independent Test"

Ryerson University conducted a test of several production color systems. Systems tested included:

- Canon imagePRESS C7000VP w/Fiery for $250,400 MSRP
- Hewlett Packard Indigo 7000 w/SmartStream controller for $679,000 MSRP
- Kodak NexPress S3000 w/NexPress controller for $542,000 MSRP
- Oce’ CS665 Pro (relabeled Konica Minolta) w/Fiery for $75,000 MSRP
- Presstek 52Di digital offset press w/RIP for $549,000 MSRP
- Screen Truepress 344 color inkjet w/RIP for $350,000 MSRP
- Toshiba eSTUDIO 6530C w/embedded Fiery for $32,999 MSRP
- Xeikon 3300 w/X800 controller for $730,000 MSRP
- Xeikon 8000 w/X800 controller for $990,000 MSRP
- Xerox iGen 4 w/FreeFlow controller for $640,000 MSRP
- vendors were charged $5000 to conduct test
- Toshiba unit was unable to run gloss coated paper in the test
- Test covered the following topics:
- Delta E color match
- Pantone color match
- blackest black
- varation in color across page
- optical resolution
- fold and crease resistance
- toner rub test
- deinking
- fade resistance
- variation over 1000 sheet run
- variation from day 1 to day 2
- duplex registration
- The HP Indigo was the best overall performer
- To order a copy for $99.00 plus shipping, visit

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craig said...

Hmmm, can you believe that the Oce (Konica Minolta) blew everyone except the HP Indigo and Kodak out of the water?????

I'm almost sceptical of this test!
Th price on the Oce is too low to compare....