Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rules Based Printing Software "Does Anyone Get It?"

A few years ago we heard time after time that the vendor that "owns" the network would own the clicks to MFP's and printers. That may be fine if your dealership controls the network in a SMB account, and from talking to many in the industry it seems that most dealers are still concentrating on hardware and third party software solutions.

Thus, a question was posed to me the other day in reference to MPS (Managed Print Services). I was asked, "What do you think about MPS, and will it migrate down to smaller accounts?"

Well, he goes... I stated that MPS has it's place where there are large printer fleets such as hospitals, large corporate offices, large local, state and government agencies. I do not see MPS migrating to smaller accounts, especially where there are MFP (Multifunctional Product) or MFD (Multifunctional Device) and where there is a strong dealer or direct presence, I also stated that any MFP/MFD salesperson worth their weight can sell heck out of the low cost alternative with MFP's over a Managed Print Service for printers (I think small personal printers in the office is a waste of environmental resources) and should be able to develop a "blueprint" of strategic MFP/MFD placements where there is no loss in productivity!

Now, back to something that's I've been itching to write about. You want to know what "the next big thing is?"......It's Rules Based Printing, basically it is software that resides on the server where admin can set rules for printing to printers, and Multifunctional Devices. You can set thousands of rules (if needed) to direct and redirect printing in the office. Such rules could include Always Duplex, Always Send to the Lowest Cost Output Device, Permission to Print that Document, Permission to Print in Color or Not in Color, Limit User Access, plus many more.

Thus, if you're looking to capture additional pages from existing customers and or new clients, you need to look long and hard at "Rules Based Printing" software. The first one that comes to mind is Print Audit with it's Flagship PA6, however there are other players in the marketplace. If you elect to introduce this software to your accounts, you also need to reward the reps that capture the additional clicks. You could reward them with maybe the first three months of revenue of the additional clicks or pay them on the ongoing revenue stream for the additional click/pages that were captured.

The Dealer or the Branch that installs a "Rules Based Print Software Solution" will be able to redirect prints to their products and thus own and capture additional pages that were not going to their MFP/MFD devices.

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