Monday, June 22, 2009

Xerox ColorQube Losing Steam!

Resistance is Futile! At least that's what Xerox wants you to beleive with the ColorQube!

In an ongoing poll conducted here on the mfpsolutions blog 71% of our readers reported that the Xerox ColorQube is a "lot of hype" and "we'll have to see how this pans out". In earlier polls right after the press release polls reflected that 41% thought that the Xerox ColorQube "Will turn the Copier Market Upside Down", after six weeks, that numbers dropped to 29%. My oh my,what a difference a few months make.

Meanwhile a Print4Pay Hotel member recently stated this about the ColorQube:

"My official sample print packet arrived from Xerox this weekend. While the prints are OK.....that's all they are is just OK. Actually they are poor compared to how just about every other manufacturer's laser devices print samples look. They are waxy feeling and they are obviously a much lower DPI than the ultra-fine toner of today's laser devices. If you look at any graphics, particularly lighter colors you can see the dots. Shades of grey green and yellow look the worst. The Ricoh machines destroy this machine on photos and graphics. The only print samples that were comparable to our Ricoh machines are text documents with very small amounts of color.

I wouldn't be too afraid of this product. Everyone should go to the Xerox website and have a set of print samples sent to their house. That's all you need to sell against this product."

At least it didn't come from me, lol.

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